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Vaping is ALL about the flavor & quality of your E-LIQUID, (or juice). We sampled high and low to find the BEST, and we have succeeded. You will ALWAYS find at least 100 E-LIQUID flavor choices from nationally ranked Premium Lines...

And just so you know you are getting what you want, you can sample


Now get PREMIUM E-LIQUIDS for less than the cost of house liquids elsewhere, ONLY at NOMAD VAPOR!...


NOW at NOMAD- "SCHWARTZ" Premium Eliquid!!!

The Flavors---

LUDICROUS SPEED-A full blast symphony of creamy, yet light full bodied yogurt drizzled with mouthwatering swirls of honey. Yogurt reinvented.

THE UPSIDE-A light yogurt flavor blended with sweet strawberries reminiscent of your favorite tubed dessert that when inhaled makes you feel like a kid again.

THE DOWNSIDE-A tart Greek yogurt flavor topped with fresh blueberries that will leave you wanting a second serving. There is no other “all day vape“ like it.

COMB THE DESERT-Peanut butter frozen yogurt drizzled with hazelnut...

So, SO, good...

Introducing another amazing juice line here at Nomad Vapor, CANDY LAND LIQUIDS!!!

REECE'S DREAM - A dollop of rich peanut butter enveloped in chocolate.

PEPPERMINT PATTIE - Dark chocolate with a cool, creamy peppermint center.

ROO DIP - Sweet vanilla icing with subtle undertones of caramel and custard.

RAZZ BERRY - The perfect balance of sweet raspberries and blue raspberries with a hint of black cherry.

NUTTERFINGER - Layers of light, flaky peanut butter wrapped in milk chocolate.

'LOST FOG COLLECTION' from Cosmic Fog!

STREAK. Hand-picked mountain grown Gaviota strawberries blended with just enough soft creamy Greek yogurt. The perfect balance of two of nature's finest treats combined in a vape that is sweet, savory and creamy while never edging into the dreaded heaviness all vapers fear. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new all day vape

NEON CREME- Orange, raspberry and lemon-lime sherbert all mixed perfectly in a sweet yet subtle cream and chilled to perfection. So whether you need to cool down after a long night out, or just enjoy a black from the past after a hard day, this spot on Rainbow Sherbet will take you back and make you never want to leave… until you run out.

BAIE CREME- Inspired by todays top hybrid fusion chefs. A custom blended 

whipped honey cream, spiked with the essence of sweet passion fruit and topped with tart exotic berries. Exclusively mixed in a HIGH VG base to produce only the softest, silkiest, smoothest clouds of pure vaping bliss. Prepare to lose yourself, in a flavor nirvana.


4000 years in the making. Twelve unique flavors. Twelve unique personalities. Vapor as unique as you. The Celestial collection has a flavor for each of the 

Zodiac signs to bring something for everyone. Twelve offers flavors that are fresh, crisp and unexpected. This line of flavors called "Celestial" is a line of flavors to remember...


Flavor Profiles...

'CATRINA'- A rainbow sherbet ice cream flavor with fresh fruit inhales and cool creamy undertones. Catrina is an all day vape that never gets old and changes with every vape.

'VIVO'-This strawberry and lemon lime flavor is delicately crafted together with mixed fruits. Fair warning, this one is hard to put down. Vivo has been described as an ever changing vape, that is good to the very last drop. 'SAINTS'- Saints is a sweet and vivid strawberry licorice flavor. A great deal of time has been spent in researching this mix. We use extracts to get the flavor just right, then age to perfection.

 You won't believe your tongue, and you'll wonder what you ever did without your Saints.

'RITUAL'- A complex candy flavor with sour and creamy undertones. This one will keep your mind guessing, and your taste buds asking for more


And the peoples choice award goes to Cuttwood “The Suace Boss” Unicorn Milk Premium E Juice. People have been raving over this E Juice over and over again. Cuttwood has proven themselves in vape game with this amazing product. The Cuttwood – Unicorn Milk E Juice has been turning heads from California down to Texas and over to new York. The Smooth flavor of what appears to be something like a Strawberry Shortcake Creamy Heavenly Goodness or Strawberry Nesquick or something is one of the most epic flavors we have had 

the privilege of vaping. Cuttwood – Unicorn Milk E Juice has been flying off the shelves at local vape shops all over the USA and its no wonder why this juice comes in at #1 on the list on Best E Juice Companies in the USA. Cuttwood is famously known for the Unicorn Milk E Juice , however they also have amazing blends such as Sugar Bear E Juice and Big Melons E Juice that are also amazing! Follow cuttwood on instagram @cuttwood – they have amazing deals and give-aways all the time, and dont forget to pick up a bottle of the Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E Juice.

-'LIQUID STATE' Premium E-Liquid!

*Apple Butter- Sweet Washington apples slow cooked to caramelized perfection and blended with spiced cinnamon. The result? A taste that rivals your grandma's homemade apple pie.

* Cali Colada- Taking a cue from the laid back California lifestyle, Cali Colada is a creamy, tropical pina colada with ripe juicy mango, sweet pineapple, and hints of guava.

*Sweet Leaf- Life below the Mason Dixon line is just so sweet. Inspired by the peach state, sweet leaf embodies the flavors of the south. Our Georgia peach twist on sweet tea lemonade is a true southern charm.


Great flavors, great price.

*BLABBER - Fresh blueberry cupcake with a cream cheese frosting

*DOOZY - Red white and blue popsicle with a refreshing lemonade twist sure to take you back to your childhood.

*JABBER - Lemon berry cotton candy... Swirled to a smile that will be sure to brighten your taste buds.

*MUMBLE - Inspired by childhood snacks... Your favorite gushing chewy snacks

*PIFFLE - Classic orange soda... What more can we say.

Ragna Rok

6 flavorful juices to choose from.

ODIN- Creamy and sweet. A delicious flavor blend of coconut and cinnamon. This will prove to be very satisfying to the taste buds.

FENRIR- A fabulously rich and cremy custard flavor that has a subtle touch of melon that will surely provide you with a smooth all day vape.

TYR- Lusciously sweet vanilla combined with the taste of sweet fresh strawberries. This is a perfect dessert concoction.

LOKI- The trickster juice. A mix of cheese cake and flavors ranging from berries to creams. Enjoy the many layers Loki provides and trick your taste buds

FREYA- Freshly baked cookies, with a layer of whipped custard, and topped with succulent melon slices is the best way to describe this wonderful taste.

THOR-Opulant cake blend with berry infused whipped cream, a touch of crispy fresh pear, and salted caramel that with electify your vape...


Cosmic Fog E Juice is one of the best blends of E Juice we have had the privilege to vape. Every one of their blends are completely different and rated 5 stars. With only four flavors, this E Juice company made in the USA is blowing up fast. The blends they offer are all superior to many other E Juice companies on the market today. Cosmic Fog E Juice blends are so unique, we really feel that there is not another e juice blend out there that even compares to any of them. 

Cosmic Fog E Juice is popping up in many local vape shops across the USA and if your local shop does not carry it, you should really tell them to get on it. It is a super popular company and there e juice blends fly off the shelve. Good job Cosmic Fog, you guys are awesome!


Premium tasty fruit flavor blends with light caffeination and B-vitamins for a nice energy infusion...

  • Diode – Creamy Orange-Peach Blend.
  • Lights Out – Melatonin-Infused Raspberry-Chai..
  • Shock Treatment – Pomegranate-Apple
  • Short Circuit –Melon Cream with Berries.
  • Tesla –Kiwi-Dragon Fruit Blend.
  • Transformer –Sweet Berry Blend.


The Final Frontier of Vaping is Here.

Space Jam has pioneered the ultimate line of unique juice that has layers upon layers of pure intricacy. You will easily find an all day vape in any of their multitudes of juices. Space Jam E Liquid has been known for over two years to be the best in business (and even the vaping universe).

Since 2012, Space Jam eliquid has created the ultimate vaping experience before there was a time when intricate flavoring in e juice were relatively unknown. Because of their revolutionary flavors and continuous strides toward the vaping community, Space Jam e juice continues to blow minds. They pride themselves on the complexities and subtleties of their flavors, highest quality and even natural extracts whenever possible. We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy them with us!


... 80VG/20PG JUICE LINE... Our superior blend line includes 'Full Moon', 'Zombie Kiss', 'Killer Klown', 'Gangsters Paradise', 'Fang Banger', and 'Grim Reaper' ...